Caves of Kabash

A macro-designed cave system connected to a cursed remains of a fledgling village residing within a day's journey to the coastal city of Jarios, while the only mountain pass in the area is being attacked by kobolds. Just another day for our adventurers.

Welcome to the City of Jarios in the region of Rios. Connected to the Sea of Artharon, the region of Braemyr lies to the north while across the mountains is the city of Tursen. The trade road to the south leads to Kettleim and an island in the sea is home to no one.

This city is home to five noteworthy inns, multiple guilds, almost a dozen religious groups and one persnickety dwarf whom runs the 'Anvilriver Library of Magical Studies'. The regional city became the supply point in a long forgotten war and is now the primary connection point between the western lands and the ocean going vessels whom request their cargo.

Arrive by trade road or ship. Explore the swamps or traverse the mountains. Bandits on the trade roads roam free, while the rumors of an abandoned dwarven fortress circulate among the inn patrons. Just avoid the caves at all cost. Of those that enter, few return.

Build a one-shot or use this as a framework to build your own city. Leverage the named locations for more insidious plots for your players. If you know your game system and want a framework to connect modules together, then welcome to 'The Caves of Kabash'.

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About Bamboo Hare

When I DM'd many years ago, I was lousy at details and descriptions. The game suffered for it. I decided to do something about it and applied some computer programming skills to the problem. Now I have inn names up the wazoo, elf names to fill a forest and enough dwarven clan names for three continents.

The names and descriptions wasn't good enough. I needed to do more. I realized that there were others like me who could use this creative work. I decided to share those names and creative processes with you through my books and articles.

This is done for all of the Creative Rabbits out there -- Now go forth and Create!

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